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Area Rug Cleaning San Diego has the best Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Services, Whether you have a small oriental rug, or multiple of them in your home or office, Area Rug Cleaners can help. Oriental rugs are delicate rugs that need to be cleaned properly, so that they are not damaged. you'll get your Oriental rug cleaned thoroughly and correctly as we take the care to make sure we do the job correctly. Our cleaning facilities are top of the list, and we review your rug thoroughly to make sure we give it the best possible cleaning. This allows us to replace the dyes and fibers of their exact condition. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, we value the investment that you have made to acquire this rug. With our help, your unique rug won't have dirt or stains, and will be more colorful and brighter than it has been in a long time


Rug Cleaning Methodology: As part of the cleaning process, we first send the rug to our workshop to examine and identify the type of fiber and its state to select the suitable cleaning steps. Then the rugs are labeled to recognize the owner, type of rug, service date, and cleaning steps to be followed. This is followed by the precautionary stage where older rugs are checked for tattered spots, holes, weak spots, or other such issues. We also test the strength of the dyes and inform the cleaning squad on specific directions to be followed according to the conditions. Finally, the rugs are completely cleaned at our cleaning plant to get rid of deep grime, sand and dust before washing it with the latest rug cleaning methods.
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"I hired them to clean the carpets in my office. 2 techs showed up to do the work, and it took them about an hour to complete the work. It turned out fine. They came, did what they were supposed to do, and did a great job. The price was very reasonable. I would hire them again!" - Richard

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