Area Rug Repairs San Diego

Area rug repairs Let our artisans do outstanding rug repairs for you Our Area Rug repair experts are real craftsmen, having spent years learning the special techniques needed to restore Area Rugs to near-new condition.
They’re professionals in applying special non-detectable rug repair methods. So your weak, torn, frayed, faded and tired Area Rugs are in store for a new lease of life with San Diego Carpets. Rising to the challenge In almost all cases we can greatly improve the condition of your damaged area rug.
We love the challenge of repairing and restoring your fine Area Rug so that once again it will have the beauty and charm that it used to have. Depend on our craftsmen to make your area rug stronger, more durable and complete again.
Our rug repairs include:
• Patching holes
• Restoration after pet damage
• Repairing rips, tears and slits
• Adding or removing fringes
• Replacing corners
• Reweaving bald areas
• Re-warping binding on sides
• Color bleeding
• Removing spots and stains
Final grooming of your area Rug
Once we complete all the steps for rug repairs, we give it a special grooming to restore its natural texture and looks. The rug undergoes a strict Quality Control process to make sure that it is beautifully clean and complete. Here’s the deal: we provide the skills - you provide the smiles!

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Dear Ray, We had a sofa and two chairs cleaned today. Very pleased with the work and professionalism demonstrated by your employees. They were straight forward about the treatment process and very cordial. Thank you." - Glenn, Wilbraham.

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